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Mosquitoes may be tiny but they can be extremely deadly. They pose a significant threat to the health and comfort of humans. Mosquitoes are vectors of several diseases such as dengue, malaria, filariasis as well as Japanese encephalitis. 

They are attracted to darker colours, carbon dioxide and human perspiration. Different species come out to feed at different timing and while some prefer to stay indoors, others prefer to stay outdoors. The bloodsucking habit of females have given mosquitoes a very significant ‘pest’ status. Female mosquitoes require a blood meal in order to lay eggs.

The common species of Mosquitoes in Singapore are: Aedes, Anopheles and Culex:

  • Aedes (aegypti, albopictus) 
  • Anopheles (maculatus, sundaicus)
  • Culex (quinquefasciatus)


Aedes Mosquito

  • Breeds near human dwellings in urban and rural areas
  • Eggs can survive without water for several months 
  • Peak biting is during dawn and dusk
  • Carrier of dengue fever, chikungunya and yellow fever
  • Have noticeable black and white stripes 
  • Lives indoors and outdoors


Anopheles Mosquito

  • Bites in the night
  • Vector of malaria
  • Breeds mainly in brackish water
  • The usual flight range is about 3.2km


Culex Mosquitoes

  • Vector of Japanese encephalitis and lymphatic filariasis
  • Breeds in polluted water, drains, ground depressions etc
  • Bites in the night indoors and outdoors
  • In the day they rest in cool dark places indoors and also inside drains and other vegetation close to their breeding habitats outdoors


Mosquito Treatment

The most effective measure to reduce the risk of mosquito-borne transmission is to prevent or reduce mosquito breeding (source reduction). Besides source reduction through search and destroy, we render the following treatments for an integrated mosquito management:

  • Larvaciding which is the killing of larvae through the use of Bti, Abate sand granules or oiling
  • Adulticiding is the killing of adult mosquitoes through indoor residual surface spraying, indoor/outdoor ULV misting or outdoor thermal fogging


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