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Anti-Virus Disinfection Services

At the core of RPM is a team of licensed and experienced specialists, ready to provide you with all the necessary assistance. Be it a hospital, office, home, or any public facility, contact us and schedule with us for an effective disinfection service. Our experts will help to create a virus-free and safe environment for you, your family, clients, and employees. 

Our main goal is to curb the spread of any virus or bacteria by maintaining high standards of hygiene, disinfection and sanitization. We will work in partnership with you to help keep your family, employees, and clients safe during these unprecedented times. Our disinfection program includes deep cleaning and sanitization, awareness and control measures to help combat the spread!.

Who Needs Disinfection Services?

Virus and bacteria spares no one in terms of gender, age, social or economic status. Therefore, every home, business premise, school, daycare, retail, and other high-traffic premises needs professional disinfection services. Maintaining your premises contaminant-free with our licensed professionals not only protects you from the current Covid-19 virus but also keeps you healthy and safe from other potentially harmful viruses and germs. 

  • Homes

  • Clinics and hospitals

  • Offices

  • Daycare centres

  • Schools

  • Gymnasiums

  • Retails

  • Cinemas

  • F&B Outlets

  • High-traffic public facilities

How We Carry Out our Highly Effective Disinfection Services

  • The technician will do a thorough inspection of your entire premises while maintaining safety and noting all the highly exposed risky areas. 
  • He/she will begin the disinfection process of all rooms and surfaces, and while at it, the regularly touched surfaces will be deeply sanitized for maximum protection. The technician must note all visibly soiled areas, which should always be cleaned thoroughly before disinfecting.  
  • All products to be used in the disinfection process are registered with NEA and confirmed to be highly effective against viruses and germs to help reduce the risk of spread dramatically. 
  • All our products used in the whole disinfection process do not leave stains or marks on surfaces. Any used towels will be carefully and correctly disposed of. 
  • The sanitized/disinfected areas will be left to dry for a minimum of 4 hours to allow the disinfectants to act on the surfaces.
  • We will maintain close contact with you through our keen follow-ups to ensure your safety and protection from the virus or bacteria.


Why Do You Need Our Professional Disinfection Services?

  • Our licensed team of professionals ensures that your home or office is left virtually virus-free, and all germs are killed to prevent the spread of other harmful diseases. 
  • Your safety is our priority hence; we ensure zero exposure risks of viruses or bacteria to you, your family, staff, and clients.
  • Our technicians provide disinfection services in full protective gear, and all products used are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Our vision is to be a market leader in the pest management industry. With cutting-edge technologies and know-how, we are dedicated to using our knowledge and experience to deliver ingenious and sustainable pest management solutions without compromising our environmental responsibilities.


We use the latest technologies and safest approved products that are effective, yet safe and gentle to you and your surroundings. We have programmes that are designed to optimise pest management within your facility or need, targeting specifics for efficacious results. We look at all aspects to ensure that we give you maximum results with minimum impact, if any at all. Our dedicated team will partner you to regularly treat, prevent and control any undesirable infestations. 

Our clients are in varied industries: 

F&B (including restaurants, cafes, central kitchens and factories)

Construction sites


Commercial buildings and Offices 

Condominiums and Private homes


Private Clubs 


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